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Commercial Vs Residential Real Estate Investing

Is commercial property more expensive than residential property? This is a common misconception about commercial property investment. While high-rise offices and big-box retail units often sell for tens of millions, the commercial market arguably offers a wider range of price points.

If you are flipping real estate, this article isn’t for you. This topic is for those who are looking for a residential rental investment property that can be sold down the road, most likely to help with retirement income. If that’s you, then you should be concerned with the annual income potential of the property.

This is my first post on The BiggerPockets Blog and I just want to state that in my opinion, investing in commercial real estate is a better investment than investing in residential real estate. Now, we all know that real estate in general is a great investment vehicle and both residential and commercial properties can be good investments.

Investing in commercial and residential property is a popular occupation for individuals across the country. Given the lucrative rate of return that has been achieved by savvy professionals, many.

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This is a column by our resident real estate expert Rachelle. I actually live and work in the Toronto area, in Ontario and this post is about different kinds of properties you can invest in and the benefits and pitfalls of developing a portfolio of properties that is not residential. Commercial.

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real estate investment trust (REIT) based in Calgary, Canada. REIT shares give you ownership of the company than owns and manages various income-producing property, whether it be commercial,

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Investing In Commercial Real Estate Vs Residential Real Estate I’m often asked by prospective investors and partners if we ever get involved in residential real estate deals. While I know many successful home builders, rehabbers, and residential landlords, my answer is always the same: