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Actual 360 Day Interest Calculation

– The difference between a 360-day and a 365-day year is relevant to the calculation of prepaid or per diem interest. This is interest for the period between the loan closing date and the first day of the following month. Which interest rate calculation method (i.e.. – My bank calculates interest using the actual 360 interest rate method.

Interest is calculated monthly at 1/365th of the annual rate times the number of days in the month on the current outstanding balance of your loan. If you have a loan with a payment frequency of quarterly, semi-annually or annually interest will accrue monthly increasing your principal balance until the next regular payment is received.

Traditionally, there are two common methods used for calculating interest: (i) the 365/365 method (or Stated Rate Method) which utilizes a 365-day year; and (ii) the 360/365 method (or Bank Method) which utilizes a 360-day year and charges interest for the actual number of days the loan is outstanding.

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Accrued interest on corporate and municipal bonds is calculated on a 360-day year and assumes 30-day months. Accrued interest on U.S. government bonds is .

Consequently all years have 360 days. This way, tables could be used to look up the value of accrued interest. In the 30/360 basis, the number of days between February 23 and March 5 is 12 days, even if it is a leap year. Moreover, the February month is in this convention a regular month with 30 days.

Actual/360 is a slightly odd method, which counts the actual number of days during which a loan is outstanding and calculates the interest rate based on a 360-day year. So, over one year, a $1,000 loan at 10% will yield $101.39 in interest (365/360) as opposed to the true $100 return.

Investments with their ‘Income Style’ set to ‘Bond Interest’ will earn interest since the last interest payment was received. This is interest earned, but not yet received. This is "accrued interest". When calculating accrued interest, Fund Manager supports several calculation methodologies.

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